Cortinovis was established in 1881.
During the early years, the company's core business was bronze and cast iron casting; it also set up a machine shop for contract work, primarily for the manufacture of equipment for the small industry and agriculture.
At the beginning of '900, the company began to design and develop their own technologies and products; in 1912 the project of a special hydraulic pump won the gold medal in the competition of the International Fair of Industrial Machines Milan.
From the 20s till the beginning of World War II activities of foundry and machine shop continues to grow, reaching the best known referenced sectors. Soon after World War II, taking advantage of proximity, in Milan, of Pirelli one of the largest manufacturers in the Industry, Cortinovis took his first step in the cable industry, which will never leave.
Thanks to the successful cooperation with the Multinational Group and later with many other leading cable manufacturers, Cortinovis developed new solutions, earning a reputation for innovative reality of designing and manufacturing machines.
The consolidation in the markets of Europe and Southeast Asia provided the right experience for the further expansion in other geographic areas like North America, Brazil, East Europe and Middle East and North Africa.
All of this brought the Company to export 95% of their turn over. A philosophy of simplicity in design and a serious commitment to research have always placed CORTINOVIS and SICTRA among the pioneers of the inventions of processes and products that have characterized the history of cable and wire.


After a short period when the company belonged to the Eurolls Group, at the end of 2014, TRAFCO acquired CORTINOVIS and SICTRA with the aim to provide plants with the same quality and services acquired that has always featured the brand.
TRAFCO SRL was a family owned Italian Company located near Turin, managed by the second generation, with the cooperation of a very skilled staff; active since several decades in the new and refurbished equipment for the cables and wires.
TRAFCO supplied rolling mills, wire drawing and refurbished equipment, stranding and assembling equipment, extrusion lines for the wire and cables manufacturers; it was and is also active in turn-key projects mainly in the Middle East and African Countries.
The experience of over 40 years has supported the request of the new and used market buying machines, refurbishing them like new machines to sell them in the wire and cables industry and industrial plants too. Second hand market has become the core business of TRAFCO.
In order to better organize the
Trafco has his historical production site in the industrial building ( about 3.000 m2 covered plus an additional deposit of about 1 500 m2) in Rivara Canavese - Turin Italy. The possibility to acquire Cortinovis, historic and estimated manufacturer and creator of the most advanced machines for stranding and assembling and SICTRA manufacturer of high-performance wire drawing machines technologically advanced was immediately considered by TRAFCO as an important opportunity to be catched.