Custom-made innovation

Superior technological expertise, cutting-edge design, absolute control of production processes, accurate and flexible technical assistance: SICTRA is a trustworthy reference for any wire drawing requirement, bringing together the utmost proficiency in the industry with the meticulous care of an artisan.

SICTRA manufactures Machines for the WIRE & CABLE Industry since 1972 . When it comes to market and technology leadership SICTRA is known for his experience in the field of the Wire Drawing Process. Continuous innovation of products regarding technology and design combined with more than 40 years of market experience enables SICTRA to offer practical solutions according to quality standards in the NON Ferrous Wire Industry.

The merging of Sictra with Cortinovis in 2008 generated important synergies as both divisions are serving the non ferrous wire and cable industry. We are taking advantage of sharing technical knowledge, we are benefiting of same logistic and manucaturing structures as well as common marketing being the destination of both products lines often the same customers.

After a short period when the company belonged to the Eurolls Group, at the end of 2014, TRAFCO acquired CORTINOVIS and SICTRA with the aim to provide plants with the same quality and service that has always features the brand. TRAFCO SRL is a family owned Italian Company located near Turin, managed by the second generation, with the cooperation of a very skilled staff; active since several decades in the new and refurbished equipment for the cables and wires.

TRAFCO supplied rolling mills, wire drawing equipment, stranding and assembling equipment, extrusion lines for the wires and cables manufacturers; it was and is also active in turn-key projects mainly in the Middle East and African Countries.

The experience of over 40 years has supported the request of the used market buying machines, refurbishing them like new machines to sell them in the wire and cables industry and industrial plants too. Second hand market became the core business of TRAFCO.

Refurbishment of plants owned by the customers, technical assistance, feasibility studies, expertise and training are integral part of the activity.

Trafco has his historical production site in the industrial building ( about 3.000 m2 covered plus an additional deposit of about 1 500 m2) in Rivara Canavese - Turin Italy. The possibility to acquire Cortinovis, historic and estimated manufacturer and creator of the most advanced machines for stranding and assembling and SICTRA manufacturer of high-performance wire drawing machines technologically advanced was immediately considered by TRAFCO as an important opportunity to be catched.

Therefore TRAFCO, committing himself, won against the most qualified domestic and foreign players of the Industry the Tender for the sales of Cortinovis Sictra assets.

The purchased assets include the Brands and the technologies of Cortinovis and Sictra, all the manufacturing drawings and know-how for drawing machines as well as stranding, laying up and armoring equipment.

Starting from this, the new division Cortinovis Sictra of TRAFCO quickly resumed the activities, to generate a significant turnover increase for TRAFCO covering the global market with the existing products and the ones under development.

Trafco maintain the same industrial building (about 6000 m2 covered) in Valbrembo (Bergamo) - Italy. The division Cortinovis Sictra of TRAFCO produce new equipment only with the aim to give the best for development and research.