Markets and Customers

CORTINOVIS SICTRA division of TRAFCO cover with its products (only new machinery) and services the five continent's production areas, without exclusions, in the field of cable and wire, in an integrated vision that starts from drawing machines for copper and aluminium down to the stranding, laying up and armouring for electric cable and steel wire ropes.

The TRAFCO's typical activity of second hand refurbished machinery (of european firm only) satisfy the requests from low budget customers's areas.

The two divisions, for new and used machines, generating mutual opportunities and complement the company in order to provide customers with a wide range.

After Sales and Services

Increasingly, competitive advantage in a crowded market will stem from "service added".

To serve our customers in this fast paced world we offer:

-Supervision of machine installation and commissioning.
-Teleservice for diagnostics and software upgrades.
-Scheduled inspections for maintenance and spare part recommendations.

Refurbishment and production upgrades.