Who we are


Our story began in 2017, when TCS Machinery & Services acquired the historic TRAFCO, CORTINOVIS and SICTRA brands. By acquiring these brands, the respective technicians of each brand also became part of the large TCS family.


The foundation of Cortinovis


The foundation of Sictra


The foundation of Trafco


TCS acquired Trafco Cortinovis and Sictra


TRAFCO was a family-owned company founded by Franco Loturco in 1986. This company has always manufactured and produced a small range of new machines of its own design, has dedicated itself to trade, and refurbishment of second-hand machinery, and, over time, has also dedicated itself to the development of new technologies.

Over the years it has been involved in the purchase, overhaul, and sale of used systems and also systems owned by the various customers who asked TRAFCO for support. They also made 300 installations all over the world.

It includes among its references, some revamps of relevant second-hand plants including CV Line, stranding lines, joining lines, drawing lines of exclusively European brands (Troester, Maillefer, Lesmo, Cortinovis, Sictra, Samp).

TRAFCO’s development markets have focused on areas such as the Middle East, Arab countries, Africa, parts of Russia, and some Latin American states.


During the early years, the company’s main activity was the casting of bronze and cast iron; later it also set up a mechanical workshop for contract work, mainly for the production of equipment for small industries.

Today, this company works exporting 95% of its turnover. They also made 1500 installations all over the world and its biggest markets are in Europe, South-East Asia, and it has also managed in other areas such as North America, Brazil, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and North Africa.

Cortinovis is famous for being one of the manufacturers and designers of the most important and historical ratting machinery for wire armoring, assembling, and ferrous/non-ferrous stranding machinery.


Technological and market leadership, a brand known for its expertise in the drawing process since 1972. The continuous innovation of products in terms of technology and design combined with over 40 years of experience in the market, have enabled SICTRA to offer practical solutions according to the quality standards in the field of non-ferrous metals, making 400 installations all over the world.

The merger of Sictra with Cortinovis in 2008 generated important synergies as both divisions served the cable industry.